Fox Strategy Group has the depth of knowledge necessary to provide the full array of services, including for budget, appropriations, and department regulations, necessary to achieve your objectives. With our assistance you can reach your goals, whether you have a short-term project or desire full-time representation.  

Strategy Plan Development
Fox Strategy Group takes the necessary time to discuss your objectives and work with you to develop a customized strategic plan that will allow you to achieve your goals. We make sure we fully understand your business needs, budget, goals, time lines, and expectations in order to efficiently develop reasonable and workable strategies that incorporate all the steps necessary to meet your objectives.

Decisive Actions

We carry out the actions outlined in your strategic plan in a timely manner. Many strategic plans will incorporate one or more of these activities:

Draft Legislation
Arrange meetings and briefings
Prepare Materials for Meetings, Hearings, and Briefings
Represent you at meetings, hearings, and briefings
Assist with implementation of policies,
including federal regulations
Keep you updated on relevant legislation and activities

Follow Through
Fox Strategy Group can continue working with your organization after initial goals are reached to ensure that your policy objectives are implemented fully.

We can serve as your representative in Washington, DC, including by attending meetings or events with you or on your behalf. You can be assured that we will represent you well.
Fox Strategy Group excels at efficiently providing quality, practical advice to enable clients to achieve their objectives in the following areas of federal policy:

Animal Welfare

Wildlife Conservation

Climate Change

Agricultural Conservation